Weekend on Balboa Island | Newport Beach, CA

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My wonderful parents live in Southern California, so it's hard to always find the time to go out and visit.  In turn, it's hard for them to take the time away from work, as well.  And when we visit each other we like to do different things besides just hanging out at each other's houses and talking ha!  Although, my mom would talk forever if we let her.  So, the last time Jessica and I went to visit our parents, my mom decided she wanted to do something different.  She booked us the cutest little house on AirBNB for the weekend on Balboa Island in the bay off of Newport Beach.

If you know nothing about Balboa Island, here's a little synopsis.  It's tiny.  I mean the smallest island I've ever been on.  It's made up of mostly houses, and pretty large ones facing the bay.  Many of them have their own private docks with yachts or fishing boats.  Marine Ave has all of the shops and restaurants.  There is a great variety of places to eat.  On the west side of the island you can catch the ferry for $1 and head over to the Balboa Peninsula where there is a fun zone, restaurants, and shops.

As soon as we got into the San Diego airport, we picked up a family friend, she's like our adopted aunt, then we got a late lunch at a place called Hodad's.  This place is so good!!!  They have a few locations, but the one we went to was downtown San Diego.  They have delicious burgers and huge onion rings.

Then we headed up to Balboa Island.  The little house my mom had rented was perfect.  There were plenty of bedrooms for each of us to have our own.  And the living and dining rooms were open and perfect for hanging out.  

I wish I could tell you that we had some amazing adventures while we were there.  But, honestly, we just kind of hung out in the house, went for walks, and ate food.  That's really the best part about the island, is that there really isn't a lot to do.  We did take the ferry over to the peninsula, and then walked to the other side to the pier and walked along the boardwalk.  Balboa Island is known for their frozen bananas (any Arrested Development fans out there?!).  So, you have to stop by one of the frozen banana stands and give them a try.

The highlight of our trip was definitely whale watching.  My step-dad, Jessica, and I had never done it before.  So, my mom and Jessica found a tour in a small Zodiac boat.  The boat only fits up to 6 people.  It's small so, if you get sea-sick you might want to go on a bigger boat.  BUT, you will get up close and personal with dolphins and whales.  This was a once in a lifetime experience.  We got to see 2 whales, a pod of dolphins, and a herd of sea lions.  And an amazing sunset!  

We had such a great time on the island.  It was the perfect getaway for all of us.  We didn't do a lot but that was what we wanted out of our long weekend.  When our stay on the island was up, Jessica and I went back home with our parents so we could see our grandma as well before we headed back to Kentucky.